Ebony Horse Club to visit Docklands

MHF Docklands will welcome 12 children from Ebony Horse Club on Monday (12th March). The children will have a chance to learn all about the exciting sport of polo. Guided by Alec and Ed (our in-house England players and coaches), Ebony Horse Club will experience the thrill of polo first hand as they take to the saddle and play a match. MHF Docklands Polo Club aims to provide a unique and thoroughly enjoyable experience to all those wishing to try polo and is hoping that the children of Ebony Horse Club benefit from what is set to be a memorable day.

“We can’t wait to meet the Ebony group on Monday. As a sports coach, there is nothing more rewarding than teaching my profession to children and it’s always very exciting to anticipate the possibility of stumbling across an undiscovered talent. Sometimes people pick up a stick and have a natural ability and the riding comes second, so when we teach any non-riders or beginners, I am always looking out for talent.” Alec Banner-Eve, Proprieter MHF Polo Club

“Ebony Horse Club members are eagerly anticipating their visit to MHF Docklands Polo Club. This wonderful opportunity has been a hot topic of conversation amongst the members, for most of whom it will be their first time trying Polo.”  Holly Lieberson, Ebony Horse Club, Lead Youth Worker

Ebony Horse Club use horses to raise the education, life skills, well-being and aspirations of young people growing up in some of the most disadvantaged communities in south London. The club teaches riding and horse care, taking groups to outdoor events and on residential trips, and mentoring children experiencing significant challenges in their everyday lives. ebonyhorseclub.org.uk

We are looking forward to greeting the Ebony Horse Club members on Monday for their thrilling polo game.

Our Docklands arena is perfect for individual and group lessons alike

Our Docklands arena is perfect for individual and group lessons alike