SAPA Docklands Team heading to the Semi-Finals of the Arena Gold Cup

The boys have done it again - Alec, Ed and Harold played a fierce game against HB Polo at the Royal County of Berkshire Polo Club today and stole the match in the final seconds leaving all who watched in a state of nervous wreckage. 

The game started with HB Polo (Josh Cork, Sebastien Pailloncy and Adolfo Casablal) up two goals for handicap difference but the SAPA Docklands team was quick to close that gap with the goals going up on the board in rapid succession from both teams. Some cheeky fouls and frustrating plays kept both teams neck-a-neck throughout the first 3 chukkas. Strong play from the SAPA team ensured that HB Polo were kept on their toes the whole way through. 

Silver Leys member Josh Cork, playing for HB Polo, put in a fantastic two pointer but it was soon clear that the Banner-Eve boys were not standing for it. Together with Harold Hodges the teamwork displayed by the SAPA Docklands team was seamless. Passing the ball cleanly to one another and selflessly taking out the opposition to leave the ball for teammates, the level-headed (mostly) approach payed off. 

Going into the final chukka the scores were tight. Another two pointer from Adolfo Casabal turned up the heat and the SAPA Docklands team shifted into 6th gear. Fouled just in front of the goal, the penalty one awarded them a goal which was quickly complimented by another goal in the final minute. The MHF supporters were shifting closer and closer to the arena and screaming louder and louder. By the time the whistle went to finish the game, the ponies were lined up outside in anticipation of a 5th chukka but a calm penalty by Ed Banner-Eve finished the match with SAPA Docklands 18 - HB Polo 17. 

Next up are the semi-finals on Thursday 22nd Feb - best of luck team! 

Many thanks to Alex CC, Holly Stewart and Kate Cook for their help and not forgetting the wonderful Mandy Hawes. 

Well done all.