Gold Cup Finals here we come...

Somehow, in between launching a new London venue, hundreds of lessons, trips to the glamorous and cold St Mortiz for snow Polo fun, and the equally glamorous  and cold Rugby Polo Club for the annual SUPA show down and very civilised - 160 Uni student teams in one room type - partying, promotions in Canary Wharf, charity events with Ebony Horse Club and, perhaps most importantly, young talent nurturing (horse and Polo students alike), the MHF coaches Alec and Edward Banner-Eve, ONLY find themselves in the finals of the Arena Gold Cup. 

It’s been really close at times with two games going to extra time and only ever a goal or two in it. The boys, along with Harold Hodges, have done amazingly but must also pay tribute to their fantastic horse power and team behind them. 

So it’s on to the finals... topping our league group and the only team to win all four of their matches, hopes are high. And not to make the Banner-Eve heads any bigger but we think they are pretty darn good. Following a stellar performance in the semis against Ojo Caliente the boys are playing tomorrow (Saturday 24th Feb) at 2pm down at the Royal County of Berkshire Polo Club. 

Hopefully the boys’ mum’s nerves can take this last hurdle. It’s going to be tough for SAPA London Docklands. But without a doubt there will be a massive crowd support for these boys, the students at least will be bellowing from the grandstands.