SAPA Docklands: Arena Gold Cup Champions 2018

The dust (or snow actually) has started to settle at last and everyone's, bar Ed's, hangover has finally subsided. Last Saturday, under the SAPA London Docklands Polo flag, the MHF polo team was crowned Arena Gold Cup Champions. The ultimate and most prestigious arena title in the World. To say we are all immensely proud and elated is an understatement. 

Alec, Edward and Harold (Hodges) entered Saturday's final as the only team not to have lost a game throughout the tournament. And although SOME may have said they were the underdogs, up against the mighty Max Charlton (the UK's leading Arena player) and his impressive team mates Grant Collett and Raph Singh, we knew the boys had it in them. And obviously big head Banner-Eve (Ed) never doubted the win for a moment.

So victorious after a match filled with plenty of impressive team play from both sides. 18-15 the final score. Ed also picked up MVP, scoring 5 goals in the last chukka. Full match report on Polo Times website.

We've put together some game stats as they tell a story of their own:

Matches won: 5

Matches lost: 0

Goals scored: 88

Top goal scorer of tournament: Ed Banner-Eve

Minutes of play: 154

Bandages wrapped: 300

Miles travelled by each pony: 620

Buckets of match-day feed snaffled: 150

Units of alcohol consumed at afterparty: Nobody can remember. 

Putting the proverbial trumpet away, it's onwards to our next challenge, in the form of the masterclass from the SAPA Docklands Polo team at the end of March. Full details being posted this week.

Many thanks to Catherine Allen for these stunning photos.